2022 Speakers

Devin Rydel Kelly

Director of Data

Dianna Sullivan

Director of Family Support

Tara Ryan

Commission Chair

Elvin Bucu

Deputy Director

Rosie Ayala

Associate Director of Collective Action

Ben Mitchell

Director of Advocacy and Policy

Chanel Hall

STEAM Learning Network Manager

Tara Zolfaghari

Commission Vice Chair

Melissa Littleton

Student Body President

Anthony Campbell

Consulting Partner

Dr. Min Hwangbo

Impact Director

Kia Franklin

Executive Director

Jonathan Jackson

Executive Director

Wendy Holcomb

Program Manager

Hannah Hibbs

Senior Support Program Coordinator

Leandra Shelton

Expanded Learning and Community Engagement Manager

Jeremy Clevenger

Apprenticeship Coordinator

Andrew Ang

Business Solutions Specialist

Christina Rupp

Director of Postsecondary Pathways

Tracy Castro-Gill

Executive Director

Kenneth Cruz

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Melannie Denise Cunningham

Director of Multicultural Outreach & Engagement

Senator T’wina Nobles

28th Legislative District

Virginia Barry

Policy and Government Affairs Manager

Jeff W. Cohen

Associate Professor

Janelle Hawes

Assistant Professor

Randy Myers

Associate Professor

Sarah Detweiler

Data Analyst

Antonio McLemore

Community Center Supervisor

Jennifer Blatz

President & CEO

Angela Jones

Director, Washington State Initiative

Chris Reykdal

State Superintendent

Dr. Paul Pitre


Dr. Soleil Boyd

Senior Program Officer

Lauri Valenta

Senior Consultant

Shae Dolan

Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma

Isha Hussein

Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma

Heaven Galvan

Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma

Zoha Ahmad

Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma

Heather Hudson

Director of Policy and Planning

Tanisha Jumper

Director, Media and Communications

Josh Stovall

Director of Research and Data

Isaac Kwakye

Senior Director

Zanobea Webster

BGCSPS Youth of the Year

Gerdon Jones

Post-Secondary Education Administrator