Amanda Scott Thomas

Amanda Scott Thomas

Tacoma Public Schools

Amanda is a proud graduate of the Evergreen State College-Tacoma campus where she entered to learn and departed to serve! Amanda’s career spans 20 years in public service and she has worked in the non-profit sector, as well as public health education, positive youth development, community-building and state policy. Amanda also served as an Administrator in the Office of Community & Youth Development for the Arizona Governor’s Office in Phoenix, Arizona for then Governor, Janet Napolitano’s administration; she also spent two years as the first Education Policy Director for School’s Out Washington, an agency dedicated to providing resources and guidance for organizations that give young people safe places to learn and grow outside of school. As Director of the Tacoma Public Schools Partnership Office, Amanda is committed to achieving the district's goal to “fully engage parents, community, staff, and young people” in the education of our children; she believes it is through authentic family and community engagement that the power of community can be galvanized to assist young people in creating the future they choose, plan and prepare for.

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Conference Schedule 07 Apr 2021
10:15 am-11:30 am

Tacoma Public Schools Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading