Chanel Hall

Chanel Hall

STEAM Learning Network Manager

Chanel Hall is the Tacoma STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Learning Network Manager at the Foundation for Tacoma Students. With a background in chemistry, Chanel is passionate about creating opportunities for students of color and girls to have access and more experiences with STEM and STEAM. She is able to do this by focusing on creating a positive culture and joy about mathematics and expanding Career Connected Learning opportunities that include worksite tours to industries, connect educators to workforce, and hands-on student challenges. To support further STEAM learning and build bridges between the education and private sectors, Chanel has established the first Business Roundtables in partnership with Graduate Tacoma. These conversations explore how we can increase career pathway opportunities and promote career exploration.

All Sessions by Chanel Hall

Day Two April 6, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Welcome to the Work: Collective Action 101

This interactive session will be a 101 overview of Collective Action and the five Collective Action Networks (CANs) that make up the Graduate Tacoma Movement. The goals and strategies of each network will be shared, along with data and indicators used to track the work. There will be a break-out time for participants to dive deeper into the work of the networks, ask questions, and connect with other partners. This session is designed for participants who are new to the work of Collective Action, interested in joining a CAN, or just curious and want to learn more about how the work of these networks fits into the larger cradle to career continuum and systems change goals and outcomes.

Conference Schedule April 8, 2021
10:50 AM - 11:35 AM

Speak Out: The Rightful Presence of K-5 Science Learning

Let your voice be heard for K-5 Science! Access to STEM-related careers is unequal across race, gender, and economics. These jobs are plentiful, meaningful, well-paying and stable in pandemics. But Washington doesn’t fill our STEM workforce with our own residents. This session addresses one critical barrier: gatekeeping of student access to K-5 science learning, which irreparably limits life chances for some, and gives advantage to others. Come learn how you can help solve this problem.