Melannie Denise Cunningham

Melannie Denise Cunningham

Director of Multicultural Outreach & Engagement

As the Director of Multicultural Outreach and Engagement at Pacific Lutheran University, Cunningham serves as a mentor to hundreds of students of color that join the PLU community. Cunningham uses her years of knowledge, coalition building, and strategic planning to host The People’s Gathering. It is an annual conference which brings together business leaders, human resource professionals, educators, and students to engage in frank conversations about race.

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Day Two April 6, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Fostering Peace through Racial Truth and Reconciliation

A session meant to inspire in real and raw conversation with equity thought leader, activist, humanitarian and Tacoma’s Peace Queen, Melannie Denise Cunningham. Melannie will share wisdom with participants through storytelling and film on how to facilitate change in their jobs, community and society by charting an intentional path to liberation while staying true to self in the process.